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Case Study


The Green Room
Singapore Cricket Club



The Green Room Multi-Function Hall takes inspiration from the wide range of different functions proposed for the space including golf, bridge and mahjong. All these games have the colour green strongly associated with them, from the lush green fairways of golf courses to the felt tables used for mahjong and bridge games.


After stripping back the false walls to the room, we discovered the original colour of the room painted in a beautiful green, possibly over 40 years old. The brief was also to create an interior that reflected the Clubs heritage and architecture which we have taken direction from. This has formed the basis of the concept and is layered through the design. We hope the designs resonate with the committee and it’s members.

The walls and ceilings have been stripped back revealing a green painted room.



We understand the room will host the following functions together with approximate numbers per session.
• Golf Simulator – 1 to 6 Pax
• Bridge – 20 Pax
• Mahjong – 20 Pax
• Book Club – Up to 20 Pax
• Cinema – Up to 20 Pax
• Workspace – Up to 5 Pax
• Private function – Up to 20 Pax
The concept design takes these different needs into account and we have proposed some solutions to maximise the functionality of the room whilst minimizing the number of furniture pieces required.



As the room needs to host a number of different functions we have reviewed a range of options to facilitate this. The flexibility, functionality and aesthetics of the furniture is key to the success of the space.
Some considerations:

  • Minimising the types and number of furniture pieces will reduce the changes required to the room for the different functions. This in turn will minimize the amount of work required by staff to reorientate the room for the proposed function.

  • The furniture must be in keeping with the overall concept look & feel.

  • Foldable furniture, whilst functional, is subject to maintenance issues over time. These furniture pieces are also not formal or in keeping with the Club’s aesthetic.

  • With less pieces of furniture we can invest in more premium pieces with higher quality materials, finishes and craftmanship.

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