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reXtore Services



Eco Friendly Buildings

Circularity always starts with design

  • We provide a Lifecycle Approach for all design elements (from sourcing a single furniture item to a full store, restaurant or office review)​

  • We provide recommendations for improving the existing design elements including how to redesign, redress and reuse to keep typical assets in play for as long as possible. Our Triple R strategy.​

  • Review of material specifications and design approach for the future - We provide a full review of an outline to work towards zero waste pollution for your fixtures and fittings & interiors.​

  • We help define a detailed drawing package for production using sustainable materials and /or creating circular fixtures and fittings. ​

  • If the concept design is provided by another agency, we reverse engineer these concept designs into detailed drawings to ensure they achieve the targets and minimizing waste and emissions.  ​

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