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reXtore Services


Warehousing & Asset Management​

Construction Worker

Warehousing & Asset Management

  • We provide warehousing and asset management services to keep track of existing furniture, props, equipment & materials so that they can be reused for future projects. Keeping these items in use for as long as possible is the most efficient and often most cost effective way to become circular and sustainable. The World doesn't need more stuff.

  • Project management software for project tracking, warehouse programme and reporting purposes.

Project Tracking 

  • Campaign visibility 

  • Documentation storage 

  • KPI monitoring 

Inventory & Assets Library

  • Inventory list 

  • Warehousing program for re-use of merchandising assets 

  • Re-use unit details 

Reporting & Files

  • Custom reports 

  • Financial saving reports 

  • Files access

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