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Pallet Cafe



Our client runs a business catering to budding home cooks who don’t have time to source ingredients for healthy & delicious home meals. Her business is expanding and needed more space for the preparation & packing of her products. She identified a space in an industrial area which was ideal for her business but also had space for a café / bar which could service an area with little in the way of F&B.

She wanted a bright, colourful & warm space to welcome customers in taking them away from the industrial surroundings. 


reXtore was invited to provide design services and project manage the fitout using their circular & sustainable principles. 


Our client is passionate about the environment and wanted a space built in a sustainable but cost-effective way. 


  • The client’s new unit is opposite a big industrial building and a location for storing & disposing of used shipping pallets. Coming up with a brand name for the café was right under their noses and the name Pallet Café was born! 

  • The concept development for the store environment followed on from establishing the brand identity with pallet wood then being incorporated into the design of the bar counter, suspended ceilings, wall finishes and furniture. 

  • The design palette was bright and colourful answering the client’s brief creating a warm and inviting space to attract customers to the surrounding industrial buildings. 

  • reXtore Marketplace - reXtore helped the client to source suitable furniture & equipment from the marketplace. reXtore has developed an online marketplace to showcase recovered furniture & equipment from recently closed down Retail and F&B spaces. The marketplace ensures these elements don’t end up in landfill and provides a resource for Retailers and the F&B industry to source good quality, cost- effective furniture & equipment to fit out their premises. At the end of life the furniture & equipment comes back to reXtore where the fixtures are repaired and ready for their new home. A fully circular and cost-effective solution. 




Reused & Circular Materials 

Shipping pallets are made from solid wood, and a great material to reuse given its strength and adaptable use. Providing a 2nd life for these pallets was a perfect solution for inspiring the creation of a strong brand identity and a dynamic, long-lasting & sustainable space. 


2nd Hand Furniture 

In addition to reusing materials, 2nd hand furniture was sourced through the reXtore marketplace. The rextore marketplace is an online platform which showcases 2nd hand equipment & furniture. Furniture was donated to the reXtore marketplace by Super Loco in Robertson Quay who were renovating and kindly donated their furniture in order to give it a second life. This furniture was collected and brought back to the reXtore warehouse. Upon finding a match for the furniture with the Pallet Cafe, the furniture was touched up and made good ready for it's next assignment providing significant CO2 and cost reductions.


2nd Hand Equipment 

reXtore also salvaged 2nd hand air conditioning equipment from an office that had only been in operation for six months. These were bought at a fraction of the price and passed on to the Client. 


Carbon Emissions 

By providing a 2nd life for the pallet wood, furniture and equipment, which would have ended up in the incinerator, the carbon footprint of the fit out was calculated to be negative. 


Reducing Costs

By providing alternatives to purchasing new materials, furniture and equipment, substantial savings were made with minimal impact on the environment. 

Thank Loco Group for donating the tables and chairs to our marketplace for Pallet Cafe to use.


By utilizing the 2nd Hand Marketplace, the client saved around $19,620 on their fitout vs using a traditional fitout route. 

2nd Hand Pallet Wood vs New Plywood 

2nd Hand Furniture vs New Furniture (of the same quality) 

2nd Hand AC Compressor & Cassette vs New AC Equipment

2nd HAND









The project was deemed to be highly sustainable and carbon negative due to the extensive reuse of materials, equipment and furniture. 


The project saved a whopping 895kg/CO2 that would have been generated from buying all the new elements. 

895,08 KG of CO2 SAVED

This is equivalent to:

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