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SFF 2023, ESG zone



Constellar and Elevandi engaged reXtore as a preferred partner/sustainable booth vendor to design and build many of the elements within the ESG Zone in Hall 5 at the Singapore Fintech Festival. These items included the high visibility ESG stage backdrop that was the focus of many social media sharing and stories, along with over 30 net zero counters that were used across many of the ESG booths. 


To raise the bar and showcase the delivery of highly engaging, creative and sustainable booths, backdrops, furniture and concepts that could all be dismantled and re-used post show with little to no waste. 

Stage Features

We created reusable stage backdrop made from pipedream, and with CO2 count down clock and rented plants. Designed to be dismantled and reused. 


Sustainable Counters

Using our proprietary AGRIWOOD and CLIP n, PLAY system, we rented over 30 ZERO-WASTE counters which were easily customised and assembled to meet the tight deadlines of the show. At the end of life they are collected, quickly dismantled and flat packed back to our warehouse ready for the next assignment. 

Huge shout out to Constellar & Elevandi for supporting a more sustainable event!

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