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SFF 2023, MioTech Booth



The team at reXtore are rather excited to be the sustainable build partner for Singapore Fintech Festival 2023.


  • A Fully Sustainable & Circular Booth with NET ZERO CARBON EMISSIONS.

  • At the end of life (end of the show) we unclip all the boards and take back to the warehouse for its next mission. This is a truly circular system and creates zero waste. 

The proposed design uses just two main components:

AgriWood is made from agricultural waste following rice and wheat harvests. This waste extract is typically burnt following harvest adding significant carbon emissions to the environment. Instead we have signed agreements to work with local factories and farmers in China and India who turn it into eco friendly boards for us that we then treat and transform into our very own AgriWood that can be used for interior fit outs, exhibitions and furniture. Typically boards are made from wood (plywood, MDF, chipboard etc) often resulting in the destruction of rainforests in SE Asia. By using AgriWood, no trees need to be felled or biodiversity disrupted.

WhatsApp Image 2023-12-20 at 4.46.57 PM.jpeg


In order to make the stand reusable at the end of life, we use a range of connectors that can bolt the boards together to create various shapes and configurations. This enables us to flat pack and re-use at the end of life with zero waste.


At reXtore, we are constantly exploring new ideas and ways to inject creativity into our project. Lighting can create the right ambiance for the brand and on this occasion we selected inter-changeable LED lights that allowed us to program the various colours to change in line with brand guidelines.

Here’s Sarah from MioTech saying
“We believe it’s every exhibitor’s responsibility to make a carbon neutral or low carbon event possible.” 🌍

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