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SIBOS, Toronto 2023



reXtore was invited by the team at Swift to design and build the sustainability lounge and charity area for Sibos in Toronto, Canada - one of the Worlds biggest finance exhibitions.


  • A Fully Sustainable & Circular Booth with NET ZERO CARBON EMISSIONS.

  • At the end of life (end of the show) we unclip all the boards and take back to the warehouse for its next mission. This is a truly circular system and creates zero waste. 

The backdrop is made using the Pipedream system combined with AgriWood and recyclable decal graphics. The entire Pipedream system can be dismantled using just an allen key, ensuring the exhibition can be quickly pulled down at the end of the show and all elements reused for another purpose.

69b33bfc-f49f-4f11-8dc9-c0df482cf47c - Copy.JPG

CLIP N’ PLAY used to create planter boxes, stools, tables and reception desks for SIBOS 2023. All of these elements will be unclipped at the end of the show and repurposed for another use. This results in a very low Carbon Footprint and achieves Zero Waste.

Cushion made from recycled sea-dredged plastic
with a 100% natural latex foam padding insert. For every cushion, they are sitting on roughly 39 recycled plastic bottles. For the 20 cushions made, we’ve supported
the livelihood of at least 2 housewives out of over 300
in the local community.


The raised flooring is 100% reusable and will be dismantled after the show and used for another event.
This results in Zero Waste and minimal Carbon Emissions.

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