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UnPackt engaged REXTORE to design them a highly sustainable retail store that is befitting of their own core values to deliver Zero Waste credentials, creating a highly sustainable store  with minimal impact on the environment. This is also in line with Mandai Wildlife’s commitment to conservation, carbon neutrality by 2024 and targeting zero waste by 2030. ​​


As the first zero-waste bulk store in Singapore, UnPackt is passionate about the environment and wanted a space built in a sustainable but cost-effective way.

UnPackt vision - “To create and operate Singapore’s most sustainable and circular café & retail space.”  ​



Lifecycle Approach

We provide a Lifecycle Approach for all design elements (from sourcing a single furniture item to a full store, restaurant or office review)​


Zero Waste

Review of material specifications and design approach for the future - We provide a full review of an outline to work towards zero waste pollution for your fixtures and fittings & interiors.


Recover, Restore, Reuse

We provide recommendations for improving the existing design elements including how to redesign, redress and reuse to keep typical assets in play for as long as possible. Our Triple R strategy.​


Sustainable & Circular

We help define a detailed drawing package for production using sustainable materials and /or creating circular fixtures and fittings.​

Reusing Fixtures

As part of an ongoing refurbishment programme, Mandai are removing some fixtures and furniture from one of their stores at River Wonders. We have proposed to reuse a large number of these furniture items in the new store. This avoids the furniture ending up being incinerated, reduces the cost associated with fitting out the store and ultimately helps significantly reduce the Carbon Footprint of the new store.​

Screen Shot 2022-08-24 at 11.39.12 AM.png

Making use of local resources

We are proposing to make the majority of the furniture out of the timber felled at Mandai as part of the redevelopment works for the new Bird Paradise park. We will work with a local carpenter to salvage the wood, kiln dry and create the table tops and counters in the store.​

This ensures that no wood used comes from overseas, is 100% traceable and ensures the conservation practices of both Mandai and UnPackt are upheld. This also helps dramatically reduce the Carbon Footprint of the store.​

Circular, Modular Components​

reXtore use a modular system to create a wide range of systems from chairs & table frames to backwalls and shelving. ​

These systems are owned by reXtore and are bought back at end of life to be reused for a new project ensuring furniture does not end up in landfill. ​


Eco-Friendly Paint

The chemicals present in paint present a number of issues to both the environment & human health.​ reXtore proposes to use water-based paints with minimal chemicals and low VOC’s for this project in order to minimize the impact on the environment and humans alike.

Circular & sustainable operations

UnPackt will also be aiming to minimize waste and its impact on the environment once the café is operational. The following items are some of the initiatives Unpackt will implement:​

Food waste. Onsite Farm. Herbs & edible plants. 

Low energy lighting. Ceiling fans. Natural light. 

Bags. Packaging. BYO container. 

Fair Trade. Rainforest Alliance.  

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