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Responsible Manufacturing 

Image by Clayton Cardinalli

Vendor Management: Responsible Manufacturing 

We have a large global network of suppliers and over the last few years we have started shortlisting, training and collaborating on the use of alternative eco-friendly materials/manufacturing processes to ensure that we have a good selection of local partners ready at anytime to implement a project using these alternative materials. 


Using reusable and sustainable materials is only part of producing sustainable furniture. Responsible manufacturing practices matter just as much and have a great impact on our People and our Planet. 


Manufacturing practices have to be safe for the environment, and we work with manufacturers to reduce their carbon emissions and reduce the impact on the environment. We also select our suppliers to practice fair trade, do not harm communities or destroy sensitive environments to gather material for their products. 


We welcome our Clients to perform their own environmental and social audits on suppliers or we are happy to engage 3rd party auditors on their behalf. 

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